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IFC Finance of International Trade Initiative Program in 2012 | Welcome to Hoang Nghiep Training and Consulting
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IFC Finance of International Trade Initiative Program in 2012

17 March 2012 No Comment


The IFC FIT Initiative Program is a very practical e-learning program which has been designed with two important goals:

1- to train and certify international trade finance professionals in their core area of expertise and thus enhance their productivity in their day-to-day roles

2- to build an online global network of international trade and finance professionals who will share knowledge and experience on an online platform specifically developed for the program – a powerful tool in the resolution of common trade finance queries and issues.

Notwithstanding, the continued importance of Letters of Credit in financing such trade it has been identified by the International Chamber of Commerce that there is a need to apply other methods of payment and finance to further facilitate the development of export sales from Vietnam.

The IFC ‘FIT Initiative’ will provide advanced skills in the ‘Finance of International Trade’ (FIT) to participants of the program.  Successful participants will receive valuable Certification in the Finance of International Trade from the Institute of Export in the United Kingdom.


as well as a certificate of achievement in Documentary Credits and UCP 600 from the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.


Through the support of the Emerging Markets Grant Scheme (EMGS) this important training and certification program if available to professionals within your organisation at a cost EUR 290.00 inclusive per participant.  This represents a reduction of approximately 70% of the commercial cost of this programme in other markets.

We would like to introduce  this high practical online training programme to your kind Bank, so that you can register your trade finance professionals for the IFC ‘FIT Initiative’ as soon as possible as demand is high and places on this World Class training and certification program are limited.  The first ‘FIT Initiative’ in Vietnam commences on Monday 10 August 2009.


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For detail information, please see in the attached file:


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