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DBA Program of California Southern University

16 May 2010 No Comment

DBA – Doctor of Business Administration

Source from California Southern University

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program transforms mature learners into leaders. Doctoral candidates learn the most advanced decision-making techniques, while also developing the research and writing skills that accompany high-level responsibility in the academic and business environments. Business executives must be able to perform in a dynamic environment where market expansion is global, where competition presents ever changing decision making frames, and change is the norm. Excellence in leadership, strategic management, and organizational change management are essential to develop effective corporate executives and hence organizational viability.

Objectives of the Doctor of Business Administration Degree are:

  • To encourage the learner to think innovatively by providing an opportunity to integrate theory and practice in decision making that can be utilized in complex organizational environments.
  • To provide learners with a foundation for scholarship and systematic inquiry in order to advance business theory and practice.
  • To enable learners to evaluate the efficacy of recently developed applications in business.
  • To encourage learners in the application of theoretical knowledge to contemporary business problems.
  • To conduct and interpret appropriate research in the field of business and apply the results of this research.
  • To enable learners to integrate behavioral, political, operational, environmental, and global elements to enhance strategy formulation to optimize strategic management for organizational effectiveness.
  • To provide learners with the skills necessary to analyze and evaluate internal and external environmental influences on organizations in order to develop strategic plans for the management of change and development.
  • To encourage the development and application of skills in a broad range of investigative methods, including qualitative methods focused in economic and ethnographic disciplines, and quantitative methods focused in statistical and business disciplines.
  • To demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology.


Admission to the doctoral programs requires a Master Degree or its equivalent in the field of study or related field from an appropriately accredited institution. The DBA requires a total of 60 graduate semester credits beyond the Master Degree If coursework is not in the discipline of the degree being sought or if graduate credits have not been completed prior to enrollment, additional graduate level fundamental courses may be required. To enable the evaluation of prior college work, official transcripts must be provided to the University.


The DBA degree requires a total of 60 graduate semester credits beyond a Masters degree and satisfaction of the following criteria:

  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) or higher.
  • Official transcripts on file for the Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and Master’s degree.
  • All financial obligations with the University are satisfied.
  • The program of study must be completed in no less than two years nor more than ten years from the initial date of enrollment.



DBA – Doctor of Business Administration
Business Courses
Required 1st Year Courses
ACT 7515 Financial Statement Analysis | 3 Credits

ECO 7501 Managerial Economics | 3 Credits

MGT 7500 Organizational Development and Design | 3 Credits

MGT 7525 Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Governance | 3 Credits

MIS 7510 Technology Concepts for Managers | 3 Credits

MKT 7505 Consumer Behavior, Theory and Analysis | 3 Credits

Qualifying Exam
BUS 7799 Doctoral Qualifying Examination | 0 Credits

Required 2nd Year Courses
ACT 7530 Management Finance and Control | 3 Credits

BUS 7300 Advanced Measurement and Statistics for Business | 3 Credits

BUS 7305 Ethnography of Corporate Culture | 3 Credits

IB 7516 Global Business Strategic Management | 3 Credits

MGT 7515 Information, Organization and Strategy | 3 Credits

MGT 7520 Business Research Methods | 3 Credits

Required 3rd Year Courses
MGT 7540 Quantitative Research Methods | 3 Credits

MGT 7545 Managing, Organizing & Negotiating for Value | 3 Credits

MKT 7515 Coordinating and Managing Supply Chains | 3 Credits

Comprehensive Exam
BUS 7805 Comprehensive Exam | 1 Credits

Doctoral Project
MGT 7997 Doctoral Project I | 6 Credits

MGT 7998 Doctoral Project II | 6 Credits

MGT 7999 Doctoral Project III | 2 Credits

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